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We have developed a cloud-based time and attendance system directly integrated with your payroll and linking basic HR requirements as well. Not only that the system is equipped with features which will help you save time and cost. Some of which are ; FRCS and FNPF submission files are generated automatically and ready for direct upload, employee can login to view their payslip and other information relevant to them

Let’s face it – invoicing can be a pain. Creating invoices, sending them out, and having to follow up on unpaid bills can take up a lot of time. What’s more, recurring invoices could cost you money without you realising it. Online invoicing system is an excellent alternative to the old accounting systems.

With our cloud based invoicing system, you can manage all the processes more effectively and, as a result, save a ton of time and money. There are plenty of options available that enable you to send out personalized invoices easily. Also, to make sure you get paid on time, without losing track of the payments that you are owed.

Our HR Consulting Projects cover a variety of specific HR needs that many businesses struggle to address. These HR projects are designed to alleviate the burden of HR on your business’s resources and leadership.

Completing an HR Project is a good fit for your organization if your business is suffering from specific HR pain-points, but is not ready or able to pursue HR Outsourcing. Get hold of us see the wide range of HR consulting project services we offer – employment contractstribunal representationunion negotiationstress testing processes / documents to list few

Motivational talks can be incredibly powerful and resonate extremely well with individuals. That is probably a given. Yet, the art of communication in public speaking, as a tool for organisations to resolve emotional and organisational conflict is one that is often untapped but extremely valuable.  We’ll explore why organisations should be looking at motivational speaking and talks, to help with employee engagement and development.

Organisations can improve a significant number of internal challenges, by investing in motivational talks. Those organisations that applied motivational lectures, focused on personal, emotional and professional development, observed the following key changes and benefits:

  • Significant uplift in employee engagement
  • Improved organizational climate and environment
  • A greater willingness for employees to contribute
  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • A reduction of internal conflict
  • Clarity of the overarching organization’s goals and objectives
  • Greater development of interpersonal communication
  • Loyalty and commitment of employees
  • Increased devolved decision-making power for team leaders
  • Greater enthusiasm, willingness, and companionship
  • A decrease in stress and pressure

The rise of the Internet and technology has expanded the realm of the digital world. Security is of prime concern for an Internet user besides a seamless user-friendly experience. Visitors or application users expect safe simple and secure web experience. 

This is exactly what we strive for! 

On the Internet, your domain name is your unique identity. Any individual, business or organisation planning to have an Internet presence should invest in a domain name. Having your own domain name, website and email addresses will give you and your business a more professional look.

If you have ever asked yourself, “Why do I need a domain name?”, the experts at BYTE are here to help.

What it is, and why you need one to help your business grow

Business automation tools are a trendy way to automate processes in your business, creating value both for the company and their customers. A lot of regular business processes tend to be amazingly easy to automate. Social media posting, for example, can be reduced from someone’s full-time job to a simple automation tool.

Business automation driven by the goals like:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Build lasting customer relationships
  • Nurture leads
  • Improve conversions
  • Expand social reach and brand visibility

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